Horizon Organization sit top of the log after the first leg of the e-Lig University series.

University of Nairobi’s Joel puts his focus playing against Mount Kenya University’s Peter “Flossin Mauwano” Mumu during e-Lig University series semi-final. (Photo Credit: JD Photography)

Horizon sit top of the log after the weekend opener held at Kenyatta University Business & Student Service Centre. Horizon Organization had players finishing 4th, 5th, 7th and 15th where they earner 21,20,18 and 10 points respectively to total up to a 69 points lead against all other five registered organizations.

Joel helped lead the way for the University of Nairobi students with 21 points finishing the weekend opener with a 5-2-3 record. Other notable players in this organization were Zack who finished one place behind Joel with a 7-0-2 record having being beaten in the quarter-final by Peter Mumu whereas Yobra who finished 7th place with a 6-2-1 record and Pablo who finished week one at 15th place with a 2-2-3 record.

University of Nairobi player Zack (left) plays his conference game against ChrisPee. (Photo Credit: JD Photography)

Team Alpha sits at second place with 64 points just 5 points behind the leaders Horizon Organization. GeeMajid leads the team with 22 points finishing 3rd place. Kamal contributed 19 points to the team, Rockie pulled in 14 points and #Mo with 9 points.

Team Alpha GeeMajid poses for a photo after finishing third place (Photo Credit: JD Photography)

Kevo CKs team from TUK (A-Team) sits third in the log with 55 points. Kevo CK raked in 23 points for his team, Steve pulled in 16points, KingSlayer brought in 15 points whereas Epsilon Malvin was a no show in the weekend opener giving out walkovers and finishing with only 1 point.

Kevo CK during the semi-final match against Alpha Team’s GeeMajid. (Photo Credit: JD Photography)

Mauwano Organization led by the e-Lig weekend opener winner Peter Mumu sit fourth place with 52 points, JKUATs team Elite Organization is at fifth place with 38points whereas the weekend opener tournament hosts Horsemen sit bottom with only 22points.

The series takes a break and will be back in February at a location we will communicate soon.